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Real del Monte: How to Get There and What to Do

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

real del monte cathedral main plaza
The Central Plaza in Real del Monte

Mineral del Monte, also known as Real del Monte, is a Pueblo Magico in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. The town is famous for its English influence due to the migration of Cornish miners from England in the 1800s. The miners came due to the town's rich silver mines and have left their mark on Real del Monte's and the nearby area's culture. Walking around the town, you'll see touches of English architecture, however the most noticeable mark they left behind is the Cornish Pasty (pastes in Spanish), an empanada-like baked good from England. Around the town, you'll encounter dozens of stores selling these delicious treats. We'll get into more about pastes later, but first let's talk about to get to Mineral del Monte.

How to Get to Real del Monte?

Real del Monte is located less than 2 hours from Mexico City, making it a very popular weekend trip for people from the big city. Thus, I recommend going during the week if possible to avoid the crowds.

From Mexico City Norte bus station, take about an hour and a half bus to the city of Pachuca, Hidalgo. The first class ADO bus line runs this route regularly. Once arriving in Pachuca, there are vans (colectivos) that will take you to Real del Monte which is located about 30 minutes north of Pachuca.

If you're not coming from Mexico City, other cities in the region should have buses to Pachuca. If not, you could always travel to Mexico City first and then follow the directions above.

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What to do in Real del Monte?

Real del Monte may be a small town, but there's still a lot to do and see, although one day should be sufficient to hit the main attractions. So, what do people do in Real del Monte?

  • Eat the Cornish Pasty (Pastes)

  • Walk around town

  • Visit the English cemetery

  • Visit the mines

Upon arriving in town, one of the first things you'll see is the Museo del Paste (Museum of the Pasty). This museum is worth a visit to learn a little bit about the history of the town and region, the pasty, and best of all, you can make your own pasty.

After finishing in the Museum, you can head deeper into town and enjoy the beautiful buildings and narrow alleys of the mountain town.

calle tumbaburros real del monte mineral hidalgo
Plenty to explore within the narrow alleyways of Real del Monte

After building up some hunger, you can grab lunch at La Fuente to try the famous enchiladas mineras. Later on, be sure to check out of some of the famous Pasty bakeries. My recommendations are Pastes Tejeda and Pastes El Portal. Along with your pasty, try a mango Boing, a classic Mexican drink.

Today there are dozens of different pasty flavors, but be aware that the traditional fillings (and best) are the beef and potato (papa con carne) and beans with chorizo (frijol con chorizo). One non-traditional, but delcious filling to try is the strawberry cream cheese for dessert.

Afterwards, take a trip to the famous English cemetery (Panteon Ingles in Spanish) above the city, where you can find the graves of the Cornish Miners as well as other British people that lived in the town and surrounding areas.

Finally, take a trip to the one of the mines, such as Mina de Acosta, and learn about the industry that fueled this region of Mexico for hundreds of years.

Need a Place to Stay in Real del Monte?

Whether you decide to stay in the night in Real del Monte or just take a day trip from nearby Pachuca or Mexico City, I highly recommend Airbnb. With Airbnb you can find beautiful furnished apartments right in the best parts of town and often cheaper than a hotel. Click the banner below to receive $40 off your first stay.

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