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What is LATAM Capitalist?

LATAM Capitalist is a blog, a nickname, but most importantly a way of life. When I started this website, I combined my two passions, Latin America and investing, and thus LATAM Capitalist was born. So that's what this site is all about, living and investing in Latin America!

However LATAM Capitalist is not only the name of this site or my nickname, it's a way of life, and by following two key principles, you too can be a LATAM Capitalist.

The Key Principles to become a LATAM Capitalist:

  • An interest in living and/or traveling in Latin America

  • An aspiration to be financially and personally free

Now that second one may sound a little abstract if you're new around here. Don't worry, I've written a post breaking down the steps to achieve financial and personal freedom:

Once you've finished reading that, I'll see you back here to continue the introduction process.


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